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DIY Network

Products Featured in DIY Network’s “I Want That” – Season 6, Episode 601 (includes Fine Wine Caddy)

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Martha Stewart Shop

Fine Wine Caddy is referenced on Martha Steward Shop with a link to our Amazon shop.
“Handmade Wood Wine Caddy, Tabletop Wine Bottle Rack, Wine Glass Holder”

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Kentucky Artisan Center

“Over the years Doug has received national recognition and awards for his designs and craftsmanship. His woodworking studio is also known for its unique way of measuring and custom fitting chairs and rockers to individual customers.”

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Get Mountain Life

“In his past life as a furniture maker, Doug had an ongoing relationship with the Kentucky Arts Council (KAC) as a juried artisan. He made the transition from larger to smaller works in his gallery of work promoted by the council.”

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Berea Tourism

“I believe that craftsmanship goes far beyond the manipulation of one’s hands – it’s a state of mind that is satisfied with nothing less than excellence.”

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Drink Me Magazine

“Haley’s Fine Wine Caddies are nothing short of his superior craftsmanship. Haley reinforces the legs with thin layers of black walnut creating a strong base. The Wine Caddy is your all in one display for food and wine.”

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Midday Kentucky

“Fine Wine Caddy provides different wooden utensils and platters that could take your party to the next level. From wine caddies to cheese cutting boards to furniture, this company is full of hand-crafted tools and necessities.”

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