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Laptop Stand

We are completely surrounded by technology, but our surroundings don’t always have to look dull. Hand-made from the finest domestic and exotic hardwoods, these laptop stands will surely enhance your surroundings, creating an art-loving feeling within.

A design by Fine Wine Caddy, these laptop stands are hand-made in our wood studio in Berea, Ky, USA.

Laptop Stand

This Laptop stand is artfully functional and ergonomically designed. The upper deck cantilevers off two stainless or copper posts and is amazingly strong, with zero flex when typing. Space-saving design, stunning from all sides, is a functional decorator piece for your home or a real showpiece for any office desk. Remember, it is as stunning from the backside as it is from the front. Your clients on the other side of your desk will notice.

MacBook, ThinkPad, Dell XPS, Surface Book, and other popular brands, 11″ to 17″, compliment your device and surroundings with this gorgeous laptop stand.

Product Details

The upper deck is supported with a choice of stainless steel or copper post. We have five different wood choices, the reclaimed ambrosia maple, cherry, walnut, and two exotics, Bubinga and Zebrawood. All come with a walnut stop support in the front to hold the laptop securely. The stop support has two small clear rubber dome bumpers to protect the front edge of your laptop and four of the same on the surface beneath your laptop, creating an air pocket, keeping your laptop cool and from sliding.


The front is 2.875 high, the back at 5.625″ high, giving you a 22-degree angle. The bottom of your screen will be about 8″ off your desktop. The stand is 10.375 wide in the front and 8″ wide in the back, total depth, 11.”

We can make custom heights if needed, up to the front being about 13″ above a 29″ standard desk height, putting the bottom of your screen about 19″ off desktop. Great for standing at your desk. A custom height is only available with stainless steel posts. Contact us before ordering a custom height.


The prices shown for custom height pieces is an estimate. In most cases, the prices will be less than shown. The extra amount of copper or stainless steel and the extra cost in shipping a larger box is the determining factors in a final cost.


If you have any questions about this product, feel free to email us. We will respond within one to six hours.

Where This Product Is Made

Our products are original designs by Fine Wine Caddy and are 100% handmade in Berea, Kentucky, USA.